Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction

Giselle Ayala Mateus, Esq.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) case status “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction” means that USCIS moved your case to a different service center or field office. The new office will continue processing your case from there. USCIS may transfer your immigration case, for instance, a marriage green card case, for various reasons, such as staffing shortages or processing delays.

Case Transfer Due to Change of Address

Cases can also be transferred if you move and are now in a new jurisdiction. If USCIS transfers your case, they will notify you through your online account and send you a transfer notice by mail. You don’t need to take any action, but keep in mind that any future documentation or questions about your case should be directed to the new office.

What Does Case Transfer Mean for My Application?

If you receive notice that USCIS has transferred your application, it means that a new USCIS field office or service center will now handle your case. This update in case status may seem unsettling, but there is no cause for concern. Nothing significant has changed in your case, and it does not indicate any issues with your marriage green card application.

Receipt Number and Processing Time

The receipt number you received after filing your green card application remains the same, and the transfer does not delay the processing of your request. Depending on the reason for the transfer, USCIS may process your case more quickly at the new office, although this is not guaranteed.

Notification of Case Transfer

If USCIS transfers your case, you will receive notification through your USCIS Account online, as well as a transfer notice by mail. The transfer notice will explain why your case was transferred and its new location.

Reasons for Case Transfer

There are several reasons why USCIS may transfer your marriage green card application to a different service center or field office. One reason is staffing shortages or backlog issues. USCIS processes a large number of sponsorship applications each day, and sometimes certain service centers fall behind in their processing. In such cases, USCIS redistributes the workload to other locations, although it does not necessarily mean that applications from an overloaded service center will be sent to a center with a lighter workload.

Change of Address

Another reason for transfer is if you (the applicant) move. USCIS may transfer your case to the service center that corresponds to your new jurisdiction. It is important to inform USCIS or the National Visa Center (NVC) of your new address so that they can continue sending case status notifications to the correct address, even if you have not moved to a new jurisdiction.

Interview Requirement

If you need to complete an interview to obtain your green card, USCIS will try to schedule the interview at the closest field office to you. If your marriage green card case is transferred for this purpose, it means your application is progressing, and you are one step closer to obtaining your green card.


Incorrect Filing Address

If you send your application to the wrong filing address, USCIS may reject it. While they sometimes transfer improperly filed applications, they are not obligated to do so. If your marriage green card application is rejected for this reason, you will likely need to refile it to the correct address.

Requesting a Case Transfer

You cannot request a case transfer from USCIS. Even if you find that processing times are shorter at a different location, there is no method for requesting a transfer. If you believe that USCIS is taking longer than normal to process your marriage green card application, it is best to contact USCIS directly.

Actions After Case Transfer

If your marriage green card case is transferred to a new office, there is nothing you need to do. The transfer is merely an administrative change, and there is no cause for panic or action. Keep an eye out for the transfer notice that will arrive in the mail, as well as any other case status notifications during the marriage green card process.

When to Expect a Case Transfer

The “Case Transferred” status can appear at various points in the application process. Typically, USCIS sends out receipt notices within 30 days of receiving an application for immigration benefits. For those applying for a marriage green card for a spouse located outside the United States through consular processing, USCIS will eventually transfer the case to the NVC for additional processing.

If you are already in the United States, you may still see the “Case Transferred” status as USCIS sends your case to a field office closest to your location for easier attendance at the interview. In addition to the case transfer update for the interview, you should also see a case status update indicating that your interview is being scheduled.

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Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a lawful permanent resident after meeting the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Choosing to become a U.S. citizen is a very important decision. However, remember that becoming a US Citizen carries benefits and responsibilities.

To become a citizen, applicants are required to complete and submit Form N-400, Application for U.S. Citizenship, and must meet the eligibility requirements set by the law. A Green card will also be needed.

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Green Cards

Applying for permanent residency in the United States can be accomplished through adjustment of status or consular processing. Those who get the residence receive a document called a “green card”. At G.A.M. Law Office, our New York City attorneys advise our clients that are interested in United States citizenship about the options available for citizenship, immigration, and more.

The process of getting a green card requires strategy and a fact-intensive analysis. Considering that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) only approves a limited number of visas it is important for applicants to have a knowledgeable team of Immigration Attorneys from G.A.M Law Offices in NYC to help.

U.S. Citizenship

Becoming a U.S. Citizen is a privilege, take the right steps from the beginning to ensure a successful result. The process can be challenging, but it is ultimately very rewarding. An individual can obtain US citizenship in one of three ways. The majority of American citizens obtain their citizenship by having been born in the United States. Others are born abroad to at least one American citizen parent. The final group gains their US citizenship through a process called naturalization. Our immigration attorneys in NYC can assure answer your questions or concerns about U.S. Citizenship. Contact G.A.M. Law Offices today

U.S. Residence

Lawful permanent residency allows you to permanently live and work in the United States. To qualify, you must fall into one of the green card categories. In recent years it has been especially tricky for immigrants to get through the process, getting legal counsel can make the difference. Our New York immigration lawyers assist our clients in their lawful residency pursuits.

Employment Immigration

There are many options for someone interested in coming to the US to live or work., like with a green card, asylum or refugee petition, or a visa, H1b, O, P or E, R, etc. Thus, it is very important to understand your options and how they give you different opportunities to come to the US.

One of the key principles guiding the U.S. immigration system has been admitting foreign workers with skills that are valuable to the US economy.

Work Visas

There are a variety of circumstances under which foreign companies and US employers can engage foreign nationals to work in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis. Not citizens, permanent residents, refugees, or asylees to the U.S. must first obtain authorization to work in the U.S. pursuant to nonimmigrant or immigrant visas.

Artists, Athletes, and Entertainment Visas

There are a variety of circumstances under which foreign companies and US employers can engage foreign nationals to work in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis. Not citizens, While the types of visas available to Artists and Entertainers may seem somewhat limited, each nonimmigrant US artist visa option and entertainer visa option has its own applicability, advantages, and limitations. It is therefore important that artists and entertainers, as well as their employers and/or agents, understand and be clear about the various options they may have, and what purpose each classification has so that any problems or issues that may arise with the immigration laws in the US can be avoided.

Visas for Academics

Foreign professors and researchers coming into the U.S. have expanded the community of science and technology specialists, bringing with them new and innovative ideas. The challenge for professors and researchers lies in selecting the appropriate pathway to bring and retain these individuals in the U.S. We present here an overview of some of the most commonly used nonimmigrant US visa options for professors and researchers. The immigration lawyers of G.A.M. Law Offices in New York are here to help students pursuing academics within the United States. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Visas for Entrepreneurs

Those foreigners who wish to come to the US to get started on an entrepreneurial path need to study their options carefully so that they understand the advantages and disadvantages of their options as well as the nuances of the immigration system. Our immigration lawyers can help foreign entrepreneurs through the visa process.

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