G.A.M. Law Offie P.C. Accreditation With the Better Business Bureau

Giselle Ayala Mateus, Esq.

G.A.M. Law Offie P.C. is proud to announce our achievement of Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau®.

G.A.M. Law Firm P.C. is a boutique law firm that offers a variety of legal solutions to immigrants, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. From that perspective, we offer counsel in immigration, business, creativity, and advertising law.

BBB is a standards-based, nonprofit organization with a local Board of Directors. It works to advance business trust. BBB believes businesses and nonprofits that embrace trust as a core principle in their organization will see growth in employees, customers, community, and their bottom line.

In alignment with those values, at GAM Law Office PC we take care of our clients’ interests and help them create value for their personal or business projects, through strategic legal advice and representation.  We build relationships based on respect, honesty, mutual trust, and mutual communication.

Businesses and charities are invited to apply for Accreditation and work collaboratively with local BBB staff to provide transparent information for consumers who are looking for businesses they can trust. BBB Accreditation is approved by the board of directors, and G.A.M. Law Office is proud to join businesses across North American and BBB in an effort to advance marketplace trust through standards for ethics and integrity.

G.A.M Law Office P.C. BBB Business Review

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