Material de orientación empresarial

Giselle Ayala Mateus, Esq.

Forming a business with a solid foundation is challenging. That is why we have prepared these guides, to give you the tools you need to navigate the formation of a solid business. Once you are ready call us to start!

What to Consider before Doing Business with Someone

Starting a new business is exciting, but you shouldn’t rush into this decision. If you’re considering taking on a business partner, here are some issues to consider, especially if you start executing without putting things in writing. The risk, most of the time, is to end up entangled in a situation that carries more costs and headaches than benefits.

Business Checklist

End of the Year Business Checklist

While the last few weeks of the year are some of the busiest, it is also a great time to quickly review some of the legal aspects of your business. An end-of-the-year review is important to ensure you are ready for the new year, and, more importantly, make sure your business is protected.

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