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How Endorsement Agreements Work?

How Endorsement Agreements Work?

Celebrity influencer agreements are a special breed of product endorsement contracts. Watch as attorney Giselle Ayala tears down Shaq’s agreement with Papa John’s, in which the famous basketball player-turned-pizza-guru agrees that the company can use his image to create unique advertising content. There’s a lot to learn about how contracts can protect influencers and make big companies happy with their endorsement deals, so let’s tear it down!

Los Prince Series de Warhol llegan a la Corte Suprema. ¿Se trata de Fair Use o no?

Los Prince Series de Warhol llegan a la Corte Suprema. ¿Se trata de Fair Use o no?

Por medio de este articulo se pretende explicar a grandes razgos el litigio pendiente ante la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos, entre la Fundacion Andy Warhol y la fotografa de celebridades Lynn Goldsmith, asi como abordar los parametros con base en los cuales la demandada, la Fundacion Warhol, defiende su posicion de que no hubo infraccion de copyright por haber consistido el trabajo de Andy Warhol en una forma de Fair Use.

Copyright  Issues in Short Films

Copyright Issues in Short Films

The career of those who are interested in the film industry may start as an assistant for a big production or by doing some filming activity. However, whatever the path a creator uses to get into the industry, it is fundamental to understand the legal issues that may come up around the development of a short film production project. In this note, we will focus our attention to the issues related to Copyright.


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