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Safeguard your success with expert legal counsel tailored to your needs. We are here to navigate the legal landscape for you, protecting your interests every step of the way. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to risks—partner with our law firm for proactive legal solutions that ensure your peace of mind and pave the path to prosperity. Elevate your business with trusted legal counsel today.

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Specializing in business law we offers tailored solutions to freelancers, small, and medium-sized organizations. We take a proactive approach to legal counsel, anticipating potential challenges and implementing effective strategies to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

Creacion de Empresa USA

Planning for and minimizing risk is essential to every business. By retaining our office, you will access a team of forward-thinking professionals who can design a cost-effective strategy that protects your business from start-up to exit planning.

Entity Selection and Tax Planning

We’ll help you pick the right business type—like an LLC, S-Corp, or partnership—that fits your goals while maximizing tax benefits.

With our expert advice, you can make informed decisions that protect your assets and save money.

Contracts and Transactions

Business deals can be tricky, but you don’t have to do it alone! Whether you’re sealing a new deal or just need someone to double-check the fine print, we’ve got your back.  Trust us to turn legal jargon into peace of mind!

Acuerdos comerciales

We will give you clear and accessible advice on everything from one-off, specific queries arising from your own business negotiations; to picking up and delivering on complicated, time-critical negotiations.

Cumplimiento corporativo

Corporate compliance affects a wide spectrum of business issues, including those related to management, shareholders, suppliers, and third parties. Whether you have a program or need representation for a lawsuit, consult with a corporate compliance lawyer first.


Non-profit organizations handle many of the same issues that affect businesses. An attorney can help your non-profit if you’re just starting up and need guidance on the paperwork that needs to be filed, when you file taxes, or when you need counsel to deal with litigation.

Business Legal Solutions

Llame a (347) 329-3952 hoy a programar su consulta gratuita con un abogado de negocios con experiencia en NYC.

Consideration before selectin a Business Entity

When it comes to selecting a business entity to take your enterprise to the next level, it is essential to understand those key factors that make the difference, and ownership is only one of them. Control, governance structure, transferability, and income potential are some of the most important factors you consider before choosing between an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, or any other business structure.

Business Control

It is important to understand that some legal entities limit the owner’s control and management more than others. This is important because those who manage the organization make important decisions such as the distribution of profits, the purchase of machinery, or any other decisions related to the business’s day-to-day activities. 

Estructura de gobierno

La estructura de gobierno se refiere al número de personas y a las funciones necesarias en la organización para gestionarla adecuadamente. Cuanto más compleja sea la estructura de gobernanza, más costes y tiempo requiere una empresa. 


You may think that by owning a business, you will automatically receive income from it. Well, it may not be as simple as that. In the case of a business owner who does not incorporate, in other words, who does not form a legal entity, that business owner receives income directly from his customers. However, when a legal entity is created or the business owner is in partnership with another, the situation changes.


Another important aspect to consider is the transferability of the interest in the business. We all want to be successful in our business endeavors; however, things could go wrong; in that case, it would be great to be able to transfer your interest in the business to someone else. 

Empresas y emprendedores

¿Qué deben saber los empresarios sobre la constitución de sociedades y la estructura empresarial? Entrepreneurs should understand that incorporation and choosing the right business structure are crucial steps in setting up a successful company.


Once a business is incorporated, the business is a legal entity (like a person) different and separate from its owners. The assets acquired by the business entity are not the owners’ assets and cannot be attached by creditors. In order words, creditors or third parties may only sue the business to recover money or damages. 

Responsabilidad limitada

Los grandes esfuerzos de los empresarios se han logrado gracias a la responsabilidad limitada. La responsabilidad limitada se refiere al hecho de que quienes participan en un negocio sólo pueden responder en la medida de la cantidad aportada a la empresa. La responsabilidad limitada permite a los inversores y empresarios medir y controlar sus riesgos. Además, la posibilidad de limitar la propia responsabilidad crea oportunidades para transferir fácilmente la participación en un negocio y también aumenta el número de participantes.


If you are looking for investors, you have a better probability of getting investors if you are incorporated. If there is anyone interested in putting money into your business, they will more likely do it if they also enjoy the benefits of asset protection and limited liability. Additionally, once a company has been incorporated is in a better position to hire personnel, assume risks and operate

Asesor Externo

Proveedores de Soluciones Legales


Nuestro law firm understands the unique legal and regulatory challenges businesses face operating within New York and its surrounding areas. Whether it be legal matters pertaining to compliance, intellectual property, contracts, employee training, deal support, or data privacy, our business attorneys can help.

We are committed to providing personalized, creative outside legal counsel that aligns with your company’s strategic goals and objectives. With our expertise in the law and regulations that govern business operations, we are well-positioned to serve as your trusted outside general counsel. Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of the law, ensuring your business remains compliant, protected, and poised for success.

What is Outside General Counsel?

Outside general counsel refers to legal professionals or law firms that provide ongoing legal services to companies on an as-needed basis without being in-house or full-time employees of the company. These legal experts offer a broad range of services, encompassing various aspects of the law, tailored to the specific needs of the business. By leveraging outside general counsel in New York, companies can access high-quality legal expertise without the overhead costs of maintaining a full-time in-house legal team.

What Businesses Need Outside General Counsel in NY?

Companies, both large and small, often find themselves in need of legal guidance, whether it’s for routine matters or complex legal challenges. Start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and even established corporations can benefit from general counsel services in NY.

General counsel in New York is especially valuable for businesses that:

  • Do not have the resources to employ a full-time in-house legal team.
  • Require specialized legal expertise in areas not covered by their in-house counsel.
  • Are undergoing rapid growth or change and need scalable legal support.
  • Want to ensure compliance with ever-evolving regulations and laws in New York and beyond.
  • Seek to mitigate risks and navigate the legal process proactively.

By partnering with outside general counsel, companies can ensure they have the legal support they need, precisely when they need it, while also maintaining flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Negotiating and Drafting Agreements

Our business attorneys in New York excel in crafting clear, concise, and legally sound agreements that protect your interests. Whether it’s a partnership agreement, vendor contract, or any other business-related document, we ensure that every clause is in your favor.

Intellectual Property Support

Safeguarding your intellectual assets is crucial. We offer comprehensive support in patent filing, trademark registration, copyright protection, and more, ensuring your innovations and brand identity remain secure.

Legal Research

The legal process is ever-evolving. Our general counsel attorneys conduct thorough legal research on various issues that could impact your business, ensuring you’re always a step ahead and fully informed.

Early-stage and Venture Financing Support

Whether you’re a startup seeking seed funding or an established business exploring expansion opportunities, our general counsel lawyers provide legal guidance to navigate the complexities of financing agreements and negotiations.

Offer Letters and Employment Agreements

Attracting and retaining top talent is vital. We assist in drafting offer letters and employment agreements that are both attractive to potential hires and legally sound.

Employee Handbook Creation

A well-structured employee handbook sets clear expectations and reduces workplace disputes. Our lawyers help craft handbooks that reflect your company’s culture while adhering to legal standards.

Attending Board Meetings and Drafting Minutes

Our attorneys can attend board meetings, offering real-time legal insights. Post-meeting, we ensure that minutes are accurately drafted, capturing all essential details.

Mergers and Acquisition Support

Navigating the intricacies of M&As requires expert legal guidance. From due diligence to finalizing agreements, we provide end-to-end support ensuring smooth transitions.

Data Privacy Legal Aid

In today’s digital age, data privacy is paramount. Our outside legal council can offer guidance on data protection regulations, ensuring your business practices are compliant and your customer data remains secure.

Due Diligence and Deal Support

Before finalizing any business deal, thorough due diligence is essential. Our team conducts meticulous reviews, ensuring that every aspect of a potential deal aligns with your business objectives.

Inmigración para los Negocios

Proveedores de Soluciones Legales


We know what it takes to protect our clients in cases involving visa matters, labor certifications, employment visas, entertainment visas, and any immigration law issue that may arise in New York and beyond. Immigration law is an ever-evolving field. We understand how the federal laws and regulations concerning immigration affect our clients’ lives. We can give you the skilled representation you need to address your specific situation. Our New York visa attorneys in NYC can help you address all of your visa questions and concerns.

Visados para artistas, deportistas y espectáculos

Los visados para artistas y deportistas están especialmente pensados para que los profesionales reconocidos internacionalmente puedan venir a Estados Unidos. Se trata de visados de no inmigrante con una duración de 1 a 5 años, según el caso y el tipo de visado. (visados para deportistas y espectáculos). Ninguno de estos visados requiere correspondencia con el Departamento de Trabajo, pero sí consultas con la organización laboral o el gremio correspondiente, si existe.

Investment & Academic Visas

Investor visas are an interesting path to living and enjoying the United States. We can represent you in the process of obtaining a visa for a long or short-term investment project.

Foreign professors and researchers coming into the U.S. have expanded the community of science and technology specialists, bringing with them new and innovative ideas. The challenge for professors and researchers lies in selecting the appropriate pathway to bring and retain these individuals in the U.S.


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