Nike v. USAPE LLC – About Trade Dress Protection

Giselle Ayala Mateus, Esq.

In this video, we’ll provide an explanation about the Nike v. USAPE LLC Trademark Infringement Case. Learn more about Trademarks and Trademark Protection here:    / @ujulegal   .

This case highlights the following topics:

Trademark Infringement: Nike accused USAPE LLC (“BAPE”) of copying their trademarked Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1, and Nike Dunk sneaker designs, pointing out products like BAPE STA that seem too similar.

False Designation of Origin / Unfair Competition: Nike argued that BAPE’s sneakers could make customers think they’re buying Nike products, which is unfair to Nike.

Common Law Claims: Beyond federal law, Nike said BAPE’s actions are also wrong under the unwritten common law that protects businesses from imitation.

New York Trademark Infringement: Nike claimed that under New York state law, BAPE’s actions are legally wrong.

Dilution of Brand: Nike believed that BAPE’s similar designs weaken the strength of Nike’s famous trademarks in New York.

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