Reporte de Registrabilidad de Marca

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Reporte de Registrabilidad de Marca

Before deciding to register a trademark it is highly advised to ensure the proposed trademark is protectable.

The basic service is to produce Clearance Report cover one trademark word-mark or one logo in one class. If you don’t know what is a class you check this post.

A Trademark Clearance Report is a detailed document that a trademark attorney creates after doing a lot of research. This report helps you understand if the name, logo, or slogan you want to use for your business is available and won’t cause legal problems. Here’s what happens when an attorney works on this report:

Deep Search: The attorney looks through tons of records to see:

1.- If anyone else has already registered or used the mark you’re interested in.
2.- If there are potential conflicts with similar or confusingly similar trademarks.
3.- If there are registrability issues.
4.- If there are any conflicts in the market place, social media accounts, common law trademarks, copyright, etc.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is pertinent to point out, that although the Firm will take reasonable steps to ensure that this report includes complete and accurate information. Searching for trademarks is a somewhat subjective exercise and sometimes data from many third-party sources may be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.

Analysis: The Attorney takes a close look at any similar marks to figure out if they could be confused with yours.

Legal Opinion: The attorney gives their professional opinion on whether you can use or register the mark safely.

Advice on Next Steps: The attorney will make recommendations that the User/Client is free to adopt, explaining possible outcomes, like how to change your mark to avoid issues or if it’s safe to go ahead and use it as is.

Getting this report done before you start using a new trademark is crucial because it can save you from big headaches later on, like legal battles or having to rebrand your business. It’s like doing your homework before a big test—it prepares you to move forward with confidence!

Deliverables. The Trademark Clearance Report is delivered two weeks after the Firm has received fully completed by the User/Client the Trademark Intake Form. Once the service is purchase you can reach out to the Firm to ask about the Status of the Report at +13473293952.

If the User/Client want a private consultation with Firm to discuss The Report, the service is available for an additional fee.

The User of this website agrees that the legal services to be provided according to the description of this product are limited to the matter described here in the product description.  Once the Report has be delivered to the User/Client via Email, the attorney-client relationship ends, unless the User and the Firm have expressly agreed to a continuation with respect to other matters and a separate written agreement concerning those other matters has been entered and full executed between the parties.

Once you make this purchase we assume an administrative fee. If you want a refund a 5% will be discounted.

Before purchasing this product, please review the Terms and Conditions.



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