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Protect your creations! Don’t wait for someone else to value them! At G.A.M. Law Office we can help you learn about your options. Our team can help you address several legal matters related to the protection of your works and the enforcement of your trademark rights. We Can Help You Protect Your Ideas & Profit From Them.

Trademark Protection

En G.A.M. Law Office, ayudamos a los clientes a seleccionar, utilizar adecuadamente y registrar sus marcas. Los servicios incluyen la presentación de marcas, estrategias de marca, asesoramiento, búsquedas de autorización y análisis de riesgos, registro, procedimientos de la TTAB, aplicación y concesión de licencias.


Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a proteger sus derechos de autor y nos mantenemos al tanto de los cambios en la ley de derechos de autor para ofrecer un asesoramiento de vanguardia. En G.A.M. Law Office, nuestros servicios incluyen el registro de derechos de autor, la estrategia, el asesoramiento, la auditoría, los acuerdos, la adquisición, las demandas y las licencias.

Secretos Industriales

Business deals can be tricky, but you don’t have to do it alone! Whether you’re sealing a new deal or just need someone to double-check the fine print, we’ve got your back.  Trust us to turn legal jargon into peace of mind!

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Building a great Brand requires a Trademark Strategy

marca registrada is a sign or symbol capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights. Trademarks can be nominative (words), mix (words and logos), figurative (logos), sound trademarks, audiovisual (video), and tridimensional (also known as trade dress).

¿Cuál es la mejor marca?

Una marca es la "mejor" cuando refleja el mensaje y el propósito del propietario, ya sea un individuo, una empresa o una organización. Además, cuando se trata de marcas de palabras, las mejores son las palabras hechas o inventadas porque son las más singulares. Cuanto mayor sea el nivel de distintividad de una marca, mejor. Existen cuatro niveles de carácter distintivo cuando se trata de marcas denominativas: genérico (no protegible), descriptivo (podría ser protegible hasta cierto nivel), sugestivo, de fantasía y arbitrario. La mejor estrategia para registrar una marca eficaz es llevar a cabo una búsqueda de autorización y comprender el proceso de selección de la marca adecuada.

If you have already positioned your brand in the market, will waiting a little to register your brand make a difference?

Of course! It will make a difference. Positioning a brand in the market without the support of an official registration is extremely risky. Before you know it, you could be fighting against imitations or even lose the opportunity to claim your trademark if someone else comes forward to register it. In clear terms: every day without registration is a lost opportunity to protect and capitalize on the value of your brand. Don’t give rise to unnecessary risks, secure your most valuable asset as soon as possible.

A trademark registration will allow you to prevent others from adopting similar business names. It will also allow you to protect yourself against cybersquatting, a practice through which third parties register domain names similar to your brand to take advantage of your commercial recognition.

If you don’t have your trademark registered and third parties register similar domain names, you face several potential problems:

  • Consumer Confusion: Customers may be diverted to other websites believing they are interacting with your brand, which can result in lost sales and damage to your company’s reputation.
  • Cybersquatting: This occurs when someone registers a domain name in order to sell it to the rightful owner of the trademark for an inflated price. If you do not have your trademark registered, it will be more difficult and expensive to recover the domain.
  • Deceptive Practices: Third parties could use domains for fraudulent or defamatory activities, negatively affecting public perception of your brand.
  • Loss of Web Traffic: Similar domains can capture traffic that would otherwise go to your website, reducing your visits and potentially your revenue.
  • Legal Costs: If you decide to take legal action to recover the domains, the process will be more complicated and expensive without a registered trademark.

In short, not registering your trademark opens the door for third parties to take advantage of the reputation you have built, and puts you in a vulnerable position from a legal and commercial point of view. It is crucial to protect your brand both in the traditional registry and in the digital sphere.

The Trademark Journey with G.A.M. Law Office 

1. Finding the One
1. Finding the One

Finding the One. Your Brand Identify and Idea Trademark

The first step is to have an open conversation about the trademark you want. For purposes of this meeting, it is essential that you share with out your objective and goals. Additionally, we will to conduct a USPTO trademark search. Therefore, it will be a ideal if a a member of your marketing team is present. If changes are necessary, it is important that understand what those changes are. 

Selecting the Scope
Selecting the Scope

What will Your Brand Cover?

It is key to define the goods or services that will be covered by the trademark. Some entrepreneurs are just starting and they must be smart with their choice. This choice is made considering what the entrepreneurs wants in terms of business and branding. 

Selecting the type of filing
Selecting the type of filing

Basis for a trademark application

There different paths we can take to protect your  brand. To make the right choice we will meet one or more times. Our purpose is to focus on creating a legal strategy that works for you. 

Trademark Filing and On-going Support
Trademark Filing and On-going Support

Let's make that brand your protected trademark!

Once we have a clear strategy on how we want to proceed, we will proceed with the filing of the trademark application.

The whole process from filing to successful registration can take upto 12 months, but fear nothing you will be legally protected from day one with the right strategy. That is the reason we are here for you, UJU!

Our Clients

Publicity Law

Proveedores de Soluciones Legales

Publicity Law Services

Are you in need of expert legal advice for your next big project or business venture? We understand the importance of protecting your brand and reputation, and we’re here to help you navigate the complex world of intellectual property, defamation, privacy rights, and more.

Whether you’re launching a new product or crafting a high-profile marketing strategy, we’ll work closely with you to minimize legal risks while maximizing your brand’s exposure. From reviewing ad content for compliance to advising on sweepstakes and endorsements, our goal is to ensure your promotions are not only effective but also legally sound. Partner with G.A.M. Law Office and confidently push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in your marketing, knowing you’re in safe legal hands.

Marketing Campaign Compliance

Reviewing and advising on legal requirements for advertising campaigns, including truth-in-advertising laws and disclosure regulations.

Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements

Drafting and negotiating contracts that protect your interests in deals with influencers, celebrities, and sponsors.

Defamation and Reputation Management

Providing legal strategies to manage risks associated with public statements and responding to potential defamation to maintain your brand’s integrity.


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