Basic Trademark Registration Service

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Basic Trademark Registration Service

Before deciding to register a trademark it is highly advised to ensure the proposed trademark is protectable. We advise that you start with a basic consultation. Here

The Basic Trademark Registration service is a package is two register only one word-mark or logo in 1 Class. Additional Classes are extra cost. If you don’t know what is a class you check this postThe basic registration service that includes several key steps to help protect your brand. Here’s what you get with this service:

Knock-out Search: This is a quick search an attorney does to see if there are any obvious reasons your trademark might be rejected. They look for other trademarks that are the same or very similar to yours.

30-minutes Planning Call: During this call the attorney will ask you pertinent questions to complete the trademark registration.

60-minute Consultation: You’ll have a half-hour talk with an attorney. During this time, you can ask questions and get advice about your trademark.

Registration with the USPTO: The attorney will take care of the paperwork to register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is the official government office that handles trademarks.

General Follow-up: The attorney will keep an eye on your trademark application as it goes through the process. They’ll make sure everything is moving along and deal with any small issues that come up.

Please note, if the USPTO has ANY major issues with your trademark, like a Notice of Action, answering the Notice of Action isn’t included in this basic service. You might need extra help from the attorney if that happens. Responding to an Office Action is a service Provided by the Firm paying an extra fee. But for many people, this basic package is enough to get their trademark registered without any trouble.

What is an Office Action. I explain you here! Click!

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